U->go->Say-> the term represent to wave some self branding news. The news brings to pay attention to wider range of people.

The news notes broadcasting to accelerate, improve, update, refresh and also stabilize the business promotion activities in marketing mania. We categorize the marketing approach with relevance to your product.

Life Cares Story begins here with UgoSay.


We listen before we create. To drive change, boost revenue, and transform your digital marketing, we take the time to fully understand your goals or problems. Using a proven process, every ounce of effort is poured into creating quality digital experiences backed by sound research and strategy. Like you, we’re here to grow your business, not figure things out as we go along.

Ugosay Social Media Marketing Activities


We are a social media services that offers several services to help small medium and large businesses attain their business goals. We have a strong passion for what we do, and it always shows in the quality of our work but most importantly in the results we bring. Regardless of the size of your business or your budget, we treat every single one of our customers the exact same way and have a very strong customer-centric approach.

Social Media Packages

Silver Pro
(Starting From)
₹ 24,000/ month
  • Great way to get started
  • Includes 12 industry relevant posts per month “Facebook”.
  • Content Management and planning.
  • Work for 24 hours
  • Offers in three forms (3 Months/6 Months/12 Months)
  • Spam Removal.
Gold Executive
(Starting From)
₹ 50,000/ month
  • Perfect for medium sized businesses and restaurants
  • Includes 25 industry relevant posts per month ‘Facebook’. Can be used daily or a la carte.
  • Content Management and planning.
  • Work for 24 hours
  • Offers in three forms (3 Months/6 Months/12 Months)
  • Spam Removal.
Platinum Elite
(Starting From)
₹ 100,000/ month
  • For larger campaigns
  • Includes 45 industry relevant posts per month ‘Facebook’. Weekends included.
  • Content Management and planning.
  • Work for 24 hours
  • Offers in three forms (3 Months/6 Months/12 Months)
  • Spam Removal.


Listed below are some of the latest events that our company has experienced.


New Site Launch

We have successfully redesigned and launched our social media services site to start our digital marketing business.


High Traffic

Started getting heavy traffic to our site and that created a strong customer base.



Started as a magazine serving site – Say and Share


Our team consists of digital marketing experts, deals with online social media, email marketing, link building and more.We also have search engine specialist, analytics manager, customer relationship team who works online and offline too.

We like to get personal with the people we work with. You’ll also find out soon enough that we’re pretty upright guys who work hard and are easy to get along with. We’ll keep you involved through each stage of the project. Our communication lines are short and we’re always willing to climb that bit higher.




Our TIO is optimistic and fascinated his customer with the services and results he provided since he started this industry.

He has good number of experience in Digital Marketing and Direct Marketing

He often says “Our Customers are our service receivers, only when we transmit at correct frequency”



Brand strategist

“Vijayakumar M” have developed a keen interest in marketing, advertising, and branding- especially in the digital space. His education and gained knowledge over 9 years, have helped our clients to develop their culture, consumers, and communication with customers which again pushed him as a best strategist.

Anitha Soundharajan

Anitha Soundharajan


“Anitha Soundharajan“ currently working as “HR – Data Analytics“ for MECHING, FUEINT and UGOSAY by contributing to system decision-making, scoping and arranging HR system projects in support of the overall HR strategy. Works on the progression and moderation of operating policies, guidelines, and systems to encourage best practise within the company.

She also Communicate with our customers where necessary and helping with trouble shooting and any client business needs.

Potentially supervising with training and providing coverage and feedback of staff performance.

Having Strong interpersonal skills and capable of communicating with individuals at all levels and from various backgrounds is the major strength and big asset to our organization.

Manikandan R



Our CCR Manager in the place of offering commitments to our customer and proving all the needs of customer are satisfied.

He travels along with customer and acts based on their pulse.

He has more than 9 years of experience in servicing customers in versatile channels.

He believes in”Strategy Driven Results”


Aravind Kumar


He has done Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Aravind identifies interesting or trending content and shares it with a large online network. He is so passionate in using social media for commercial purposes, such as spreading a particular message about a product or service.

In short “Aravind” is expert in content and keywords analysis.

He is so patience and never gives up until he gets results.


Siva Kumar


He has done Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering. he started his career as Lecturer and worked as HOD for 5 years in Diploma. Currently he is working as a Manager at MECHING Automotive Services and additionally working for FUEINT and UGOSAY in Digital Marketing.

He can quickly understand and support initiatives and driving innovations in the subject matter that is his strengths.




He has done Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. he started his career as Lab Superior and worked in Diploma Institution for 5 years. Currently he is working as a Floor Engineer at MECHING Automotive Services and additionally vending his support offsite to FUEINT and UGOSAY in Digital Marketing.

He does everything with self interest and offer suggestions out of the box that is his strengths.

Next Steps…

We are ready to meet you and work with you to make your Website or Digital content to be the one of the best in all World’s Search Engines. I’m looking forward to working together. Please feel free to contact us and we will get right on it.